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Theater of Childhood & Life (3)

My toys and watching anime was my biggest concern. I still remember the animes that I always loved to watch but are no longer shown on TV today, (Captain Tsubasa), (Sanchiro), and (Friendship Oath). Each one of them has a special effect that was left in my soul. I wished that I would play the ball as Captain Tsubasa does. And my dream was to be creative with computers like Sanchiro. And I dream of a pure, beautiful, happy friendship. Despite everything, I was not tired or exhausted from running and playing every day on the roof of our building, and the harmony between me and my friends was like a strange innate link, and nothing else nor any other person had a presence between us. When we gather, we separate from the outside world as if we are not in it at all.

We had our own style in which we created a solution to the problems between us. We divided ourselves into three groups. The members of each group chose a name for their group, so Mazin and Zizo chose (Detective Conan)  as the name for their group, Hussam and Ahmed chose (Thunderstorm) as the name for their group,  As for me, along with Shehab, we called our group (Sanshiro). Every member of his group was active, while I excelled in football,  Shehab was excelling in escaping in the game (police and thieves), and while Mazin was a great goalkeeper, Zizo was the best in the game (hide and seek), and as Hussam excelled in paying goals, Ahmed was distinguished in wrestling.

We played every game, even if we didn’t excel in it, because we each relied on our companion in the group and trusted them blindly. But we were not contentious about the game we want to play, as each of us wants others to play their favorite game, and we used to disagree about this a lot, so some of us get angry and leave while others just cry. Until I came up with an idea that saved us from this problem, and I invented a game that we called a (choices game) that was fair to everyone, each of us suggests the game that they want. Then we all line-up and one of us begins to count as if we were playing the game (hide and seek). and wherever the count ends, it stops with them pointing at the game that we will play.

We played it together and then return to counting again, excluding those who were chosen before. We remained to play until all the games were over. It was a simple and smart solution to this annoying problem despite its smallness. And everyone accepted it and accepted its results whatever it was and played the game that has been chosen. We remained like this until new neighbors moved next to us. They only had a daughter. There was a strange connection between me and her. I did not know its meaning or what it is.

But I liked it without reasons.

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