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Theater of Childhood & Life (2)

I was young. Also, my brain was young. my aspirations. and my thoughts on life .. a lot of things were not in my calculations. because the little ones do not know what it means to be old.

I always wished to grow up quickly and join the university. I always thought that everything in the world is going as smoothly as the world that I created. with steady and arranged steps.. As easy as “one .. two .. three” .. nothing will hinder it.

My world was simple, beautiful, and big. you can only hear in it the pure, pure laughter from the hearts of children. My world, which is neither in heaven nor on the earth. It was in my heart. But I lost it without feeling. I lost myself in the thin line between genius and insanity, love and hate, right and wrong, without mixing.

There was nothing left for me from it except the beautiful memories and nostalgia that return to me whenever I drink coffee, everything had its own taste that I still feel in my mouth, and everything had its own touch that I still feel in my skin, so many things around us have changed. Even the way My mom made “dumplings” changed, and the perfume my grandmother used to wear also changed.

My childhood was fun. How much I liked playing in the rain in the winter! My mom used to make a coat of “plastic bags” for me. She used to cut two holes for the arms and an opening for the head and put them on to play in the rain without getting wet. I liked catching raindrops with my mouth, and every winter I used to close the drainage hole on the roof with everything that I got with my small hands, hoping that the surface would be filled with water, and it was already full, but it never reached the level I had hoped for. My wooden boat never sailed or floated over that water. But I never gave up and was not tired of repeating that every winter, despite the sanctions and reprimands.

I had the consolation that I would dream about a day In which water raises my wooden boat from the ground. That boat represented all my dreams.

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