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A Nation’s Diary (2)

2019: I was told that my brother was a courageous man and that he was walking and chanting behind my father. My father, my grandfather, my father’s grandfather, and my grandfather’s grandfather all came back home. But my brother didn’t.
My brother, my cousin, and a friend of theirs along with their colleagues revolted. They kept chanting: “Peaceful, peaceful.”
They had a principle they did not abandon.
They were told that their demands will be served and a decent life will be granted and that they should return to their homes, but they refused to return until they become sure that they were told the truth.
they have been betrayed and killed. They killed my brother, my cousin, and their friend and colleagues.

They threw their bodies in the river. I was told that our river has been always honest. The Nile refused to hide their bodies.

I was told that the one who killed them was looking just like us. Same color and features, and his tongue was uttering our same words and tongues. Words we knew and spoke.


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