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A Nation’s Diary (1)

1900: I was told that my grandfather’s grandfather was a brave man, a strong warrior. But he was killed by someone’s grandfather. They say that his killer was white-skinned blond with blue eyes and that his tongue was uttering words we did not know before.

1956: I was told that my father’s grandfather was a courageous fighter, he fought for the homeland and called for (the right to self-determination) and continued to struggle until the homeland gained independence.

1985: I was told that my grandfather was a brave man who loved the soil of the homeland, but the burden of poverty and fear for a living were stronger than him and subjected him to a bitter reality that would not have satisfied him without his fear for the fate of his children.

2018: I was told that my father was a brave man and that he went out in the morning to buy me a piece of bread to block my hunger, but the price of the bread was above his capacity. He only wanted one piece but he could not get it. He was deeply saddened to remember his hungry son, his father’s patience for his sake, his grandfather, who struggled for the homeland, and his father, who had died for the homeland. His grief became the fuel of his will, which was extinguished by oppression. He ended up walking the street yelling: “Freedom, peace, and justice.


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